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"There is something about the outside of a horse the is good for the inside of a man"
  Winston Churchill

Equitherapy at schools

Unfortunately its not possible for all children to be part of the success of equitherapy due to the fact that horses are not kept in city boundaries. In most cases, both parents are working and its not possible to get the children to equitherapy canters. So we have decided to bring the horse to the hild.
We bring the ponies, leaders and therapist to your school during school hours. The pupils will then be on a pony for 7-8 minutes in which he/she will do a perceptual activity for the day.
Our programs are carefully planned with the help of occupational therapists. We need a space of approximately 10m x 10m, which will be camped of for the protection of children and ponies.
If you are interested at all, please contact us for a free demonstration!
We are busy with this very successful program at Laerskool Garsfontein for a considerable time, and you are more than welcome to contact Mrs. Annemarie Nel as reference.
Tel: 012 - 348 1269 / 082 416 1075
Other schools with this success story are, Laerskool Menlopark, Palet Kleuterskool, Picolli kleuterskool, Kleutergenot and Montesorri Nebulae Centurion.

A last statement from my side:
Horse riding changes I wish into I can!!!!

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