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Horse Worx has various established owner operated branches throughout South Africa. There is still many opportunities for those who have a passion for working with one of the world's most amazing animals and partnership with them to help others. The horse and its ability to stimulate children's learning, help them in development as well as a therapy tool has been well documented throughout history. If you want to change from the office bound job, have a love and passion for helping others, while working in the outdoors with horses look no further. Horse Worx offers a life changing event for owner operated Horse Worx branches and those who they help.
Eugenie Bands has developed and maintained a very successful business model surrounding the horse and what they have to offer in helping others. Her research and development has resorted to highly successful therapy programmes in cooperation with occupational therapist, physiotherapist, psychologists, early learning professional and other renowned people in the field of equine assisted therapy and sensory integration therapy. Schools that have opted to make use of Horse Worx therapy at their schools have noted an improvement in early learning due the successful programmes offered via Horse Worx therapy programmes. Schools using Horse Worx have also had a marked growth in their learner enrollment complimenting the school's business model and justifying them adding equine assisted therapy as part of their curriculum. This has been the basis of her success and others have tried to copy and mimic her models without any success. Part of the Horse Worx equitherapy business model and also contributing to the success of the model is to offer after school extended therapy with horses helping those who need a bit of extra help as well advancing those who want their child to improve their learning and other skills. The business model is well established with continued development for its continued success.
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