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Horse Worx Equitherapy Centres

About the Horse Worx family

Eugenie Bands started Horse Worx as small afternoon therapeutic horse riding centre in 2003 and she has gone from strength to strength and has evolved her passion in a  business helping children through the aid of a horse.
She went further with her passion to help children with their development with help her four legged assistants. Horses and her love for theses gracious animals have enabled and envisioned her to develop a successful business model helping children with and giving them a development advantage. The model has been based firstly on a mobile equine therapy model and secondly on after hours intensive therapeutic models. This model can also be complimented by various other horse activities. Currently there is five owner operated Horse Worx branches operating throughout South Africa with many more opportunities for those who love children and animals and their well being while helping children with early development.
All our owners are passionate about helping children and their early learning development. We have reliable team of well trained therapist that can assist children with therapeutic horse riding.